From our Clients

The best lawyer for car accidents I have ever met. She is so knowledgeable. I recommend her to everyone. Her law firm and her team are different to other law firms. I was able to speak to Homa directly or to another Attorney on her team and not just a secretary like other law firms. She got me the Best settlement I could ever expect. Thank you Homa.

John Warren, 6/8/2019

Had a car accident a few years ago and was referred to her. I can’t express how deeply satisfied I was with her work, professionalism, and promptness. Years later I got in another accident and first person I knew to call was HOMA Molayem. Again as expected, she is a great lawyer. My case was handled in such a professional manner, I spoke with her directly and was able to meet with her directly ((not paralegals like other lawyer firms)). She’s very straight forward and honest. And she will fight for you, and get you the maximum for your case! I HIGHLY recommend her if you’re looking for an accident

Taylor Trace, 5/10/2019

Ms. Homa and her staff are great!!! I had an auto accident last year, while leaving work that was pretty bad and my father told me to get in contact with Ms. Homa. I contacted her office and was greeted with professionalism and Knowledge. I knew right away she was a reputable person that would be able to help me. She explained the whole process to me and if anything changed along the way I was notified immediately. If your looking for someone who will fight for you and not back down then you found the right person. I definitely recommend her and her team. They will get the job done and see to it that you get the best possible settlement for your case.

James C., 2/13/2019

We have been with Homa for more than 20 years and have recommended family and friends over the years as well to her. The work and dedication Homa puts into all her cases are above and beyond. Her work ethic is superb and will keep you updated ever step of the way. Homa deserves five stars in my eyes !!!!!

Cezar V., 1/17/2019

I'm not really one for lawyers, but these folks are different. Isaac was so helpful and understanding when it came to my accident. I'm glad I called instead of trying to go it alone. Who knew how shady insurance companies can be?! Really glad I have Homa and Isaac on my side.

Albert S., 1/22/2019

OMG!!!! What can I say about Homa Molayem??? This woman and her team fought for me tooth and nails!!! The lady that hit my car insurance company did not want to pay!! Homa took them to court and they decided to settle!!! Thank you to Ms. Molayem, Attorney Isaac and Attorney Lance for everything!!! The best team in the World to me!!! You cannot go wrong with Homa Molayem and her Team of Attorney's!!! Thank you!!!

Sheila Harris, 5/26/219

Homa Molayem is a women who has heart and drive for the things she wants in life and when I met her, with the grace of god ,she changed my life and if you call for her help about anything I’m pretty sure she’ll do the same for you . I love you and your team. you guys are the best law firm in California hands down and big shot out to my boys/attorneys Isaac and Lance Thanks. Homa Molayem for everything

Dre Williams, 5/15/2019

Homa Molayem is a true CARING PROFESSIONAL who loves helping people and the work that she has done for over 35 years. She has a stellar performance record and has never had any misconduct issues. She is HIGHLY RESPECTED and ESTEEMED as a legal professional throughout the legal community and also among her thousands of satisfied clients who continue to utilize her services and refer others. I know because I am one of them. After I had my auto accident a friend recommended an attorney and after six months that attorney wanted to settle my case for $5,000. Also know that I never once met with that attorney and only spoke directly with him twice. His secretary handle my case . I was definitely not satisfied and still needed physical therapy. After contacting several attorneys, none of whom would take a case that has

Sharman Walker, 5/10/2019